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Celebrating Traditions in a Foreign Country

Stamford recently shared a blog post on “Celebrating Traditions in a Foreign Country” and one of the suggestions was about making lasting memories…

The adage “when in Rome” has a place in the grand scheme of living abroad. However, it needn’t necessarily dominate. Remember that observing your home traditions while living overseas will give you and your children some unique experiences that you will remember for a long time to come. So, next time you see one of your traditional holidays approaching on the calendar, start planning. Invite your friends, involve the kids, and create your own lasting memories.

We think our annual Winter Wonderland is a great way to make family memories here in Singapore. Our kids are so very much looking forward to this event and it’s one that those who have left Singapore still remember. 

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Make sure to let us know if you plan on coming to the festival so we can make sure Mrs. Claus makes enough cookies to go around!